Stronger Families

Stronger Families helps parents to access training, start job searching and find paid employment. We realise there are lots of reasons day to day life can make this difficult and so we can offer support with things like:

  • Health and Wellbeing including mental health, drugs and alcohol support
  • Provide advice on debt, housing, budgeting and benefits
  • Support you to get ready for work with advice, support, guidance opportunities for work placements and building skills.

Stronger Families operates across Leeds and Bradford.  In Leeds, the project is managed through Barca-Leeds who can be contacted on 0113 386 9900 / email strongerfamilies@barca-leeds.orgStronger Families accepts self-referrals directly and you can also contact Learning Partnerships on 0113 3806662 to be referred through us.

Interested in this project?


Name: Jenny Harris

Number: 0113 3806463



This is a voluntary programme and is available to anyone who meets the eligibility criteria. You will need to:

  • Be over 17 and with at least one dependent child
  • Not be in paid work of any kind (including 0 hour contracts)
  • Have the Right to Work in the UK. (Some types of immigration status mean you may not have the Right to Work in the UK, we can advise on individual circumstances).


Case Studies


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Joining the programme


You will be allocated a friendly Key Worker who will work with you for about 6 months. We will address your needs and help you to achieve your work/training or education goals; this usually takes around six months but can be either more or less.


Your Key Worker will meet with you regularly to understand your needs, strengths and job goals. You will have access to specialists who can work to support you around the areas listed above.


We also link in with a range of services that provide support for:

  • children with special education needs
  • domestic abuse
  • parenting

There are also family activities to get involved in too, from farm trips to art sessions.

We are here to help so please get in touch if this programme is of interest to you or someone you know!