Case Study / Marketa

The Stronger Families team at Learning Partnerships received a referral for Marketa from one of the Work Coaches at Southern House Job centre. Marketa is a single parent with four children who has been struggling to pay her bills due to issues with housing benefit.


After discussion with one of the Stronger Families Key Workers it was agreed that Marketa wasn’t ready just yet to be looking for training or employment but did really need some help around her finances.


The Key Worker referred her to Learning Partnerships’ Money Advice Hub where Hannah was able to have a chat with her about her rent arrears and continual struggle to pay rent as a tenant in privately rented accommodation.


The support Hannah was able to provide Marketa with was:


Completion of a housing top up form
Negotiation with the suppliers of Marketa’s gas and electricity
Showing Marketa how to submit her own meter readings to the provider to get
a more accurate bill


The outcomes from the support were:
An extra £120 housing benefit per month towards her rent
A new payment plan so that Marketa doesn’t fall behind with her gas and
electricity payments
A reduction in her gas and electricity bills of £200


When asked how she feels now about her financial situation she said:

” I am much more confident with money and happier now”

Project Details

Project Name: Money Advice