We Are Recruiting!

We are currently recruiting for a Community Builder. We have been successful in gaining 1 year grant funding to run an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) project in the Clifton/Nowells area of Leeds 9. This project will work with the local community in the area.

This is an exciting new opportunity to recruit a ‘Community Builder’ who will identify, and work with the community to bring about the change they want to see. The ‘Community Builder’ will focus on engaging the skills, knowledge and talent of local residents through relationship building. This will identify and engage and motivate “Community Connectors” who will lead positive change   The ‘Community Builder’ will also be responsible for a small fund to support community activities. .

As an independent self-starter, you will understand how to work collaboratively and how to engage and bring together residents in the Clifton and Nowells area.

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