This Mental Health Awareness Week, find out how we regularly support participants with their Mental Health

Our fantastic Stronger Families project team are experienced in supporting individuals and families around their mental health.

Keyworker Camille was assigned to participant Jade, a Mum who had worked in the past but was unable to remain in work because of her mental health issues, which also impacted on her relationships with her children. Camille identified that Jade needed support to help increase her self-confidence and assisted her participant in looking either for jobs or volunteering opportunities.

Using the specialist provision provided on the Stronger Families programme, Jade was able to receive mental health support through Community Links in relation to her anxiety and depression.  Keyworker Camille also recommended that Jade attend Learning Partnerships’ Inspire 2020 training course to increase her confidence and help give her some of the skills needed to be able to apply for jobs and gain employment.

When Jade first attended Inspire 2020, due to her anxiety she was visibly upset at the thought of going into a group situation. Camille and the course tutor were there to support Jade to take the first steps and overcome her fear. As a result she successfully completed the course, made new friends and became confident to further upskill!

Together, Camille and Jade looked for some voluntary work where Jade successfully applied to a local riding stables and now volunteers there, 5 days a week. Camille also liaised with Jade’s child’s school where she now has, a Pastoral Support Worker to help with the transition from primary to high school. Jade is becoming more outgoing as she has started to do more family activities and her relationship with her children has improved.

Jade wanted Camille’s manager to know:

“I would just like to say a few words from me Jade; a young lady that was in no fit state to carry on with the way I was. After numerous care plans, support groups, day centres etc., had failed to help me but Camille managed to! She is the sunshine to my rain, the calm to my ever recurring storm, the uplift to my downs.  She is the amazing lady that scraped me up out of the deepest I’ve EVER been and helped me truly understand the process of getting back to the ‘NEW’ me.

Throughout this pandemic Camille really has been the rock in my massive pool of water of despair, anxiety, depression, no self-worth. Big massive thank you to Camille as I otherwise would be in no fit state to carry on.”

Key Workers are available to support you by telephone or electronically during the current period. To make a referral please contact the referral hub on 0113 3869900 or email

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