We are pleased to report that four participants on our ‘Future Opportunities’ project, funded by the Henry Smith Charity, have recently secured employment as ‘Facilities Technicians’ within the NHS.

One of the successful participants is Dulbar who came to the UK as an asylum seeker and now has refugee status. She came to us feeling demoralised and sad at being on benefits. With limited English skills, Dulbar asked Learning Partnerships for help.

Learning Partnerships and Future Opportunities Keyworker Lorraine, worked on a one-to-one basis with Dulbar to increase her confidence and guided Dulbar in the job application process.

Dulbar said: “I would not have known how to write my supporting statement and list all of my past experience and make it match the NHS job. I can do this now!”

Starting her new role earlier this month, Dulbar reported: “I am enjoying my job very much. I no longer have to sign on at the job centre to collect the benefits and this makes me so happy. Everyone at the hospital is so nice and they help me.  I am cleaning and sometimes giving the patients their food. So much to learn but I think I am getting better every week!”

At Learning Partnerships we continue to work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer ongoing and one-to-one support via email and video / whatsapp and telephone.

If you are interested in our help, please contact us on 0113 380 6663 or email
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