Community Builders (ABCD) by Learning Partnerships

Working with the local community in the Clifton and Nowells area of East Leeds and the Bankside area of Harehills, through the engagement and motivation of the local people as ‘Community Connectors’ to bring about positive change in the area. 

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What is Community Builders (ABCD – Asset Based Community Development Projects) by Learning Partnerships?

ABCD starts from a place that prioritises and celebrates the strengths and assets communities have to draw from, rather than starting from a point of focusing on what is wrong in communities and needs fixing.

Our Community Builders have been spending time getting to know local people, looking for similar interests and passions, helping to connect people and looking for those people who are natural community connectors.

A community connector is someone who people are drawn to, who has a natural enthusiasm and can bring people together.

One of our Community Builders has been spending time helping people understand the gifts they have to offer, “everyone has something to offer”, and helping people develop the knowledge and skills they want to share.

They have supported residents to develop a constituted community group, helped local people run a Christmas Crafts event, worked with local people to improve their immediate environment, supported residents into volunteering and training, sign-posted people for 1:1 support with a range of personal issues, organised some school holiday activities and helped establish a bingo group.

The project is picking up momentum, with more exciting opportunities developing.

Case Study

Soon after one of our Community Builders started at Learning Partnerships, she met a lady with lots of energy and passion to make things happen in the local area.

The first thing she wanted to do was establish a prize bingo session one afternoon a week during term time to give the isolated parents somewhere to go, and connect with each other, while the children were at school.

She was offered a Friday afternoon at the Nowell Mount Community Centre, and purchased the equipment needed to get the bingo sessions started. From the first day, people joined in, and had a great time.

Leeds charity Community Builder by Learning Partnerships

Interested in this project?

    Alternatively contact:

    Catherine Henderson – Community Builder, Clifton & Nowells


    Tel: 0113 8245414

    Mobile: 07760 100147


    Johanna Mawson, Community Builder, Bankside


    Tel: 0113 8245414

    Mobile: 07879 701580